Inclusion & Diversity

Making careers accessible to all.

For us inclusion is not just a buzz-word, it's a core value.

We're on a mission to increase our user's net income by getting them closer to their dream job.

We are starting by reinventing an archaic way to apply for jobs –– resume attachments. We are changing the way resumes are shared with employers by giving powerful insights to the job seeker.

Come join a team of Google and Tesla employees to add transparency in hiring.

  • πŸ’Έ

    Work with some of the most talented people in the high-tech industry.

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    Substantial Leaves

    Get over four weeks of paid leave,

  • 🏝
    Employee Perks Program

    Get access to 500+ premium perks like Uber, ClassPass, Spotify and more via

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    Choice of Remote or Hybrid

    Work 100% remote or in a hybrid in-office setting.

Build Around Customers
Everything we do at Momentum is to serve our customers.

We start by asking hard problems faced by our core customers and build elegant yet scalable solutions around them.

Ownership & Courage
We are individuals who amplify and accelerate our company's impact in the market. We take ownership of good and bad decisions.

We have the courage to try new things , admit failure when wrong and learn from it. We fail fast to learn and provide value to our customers.
Accelerated and Aggressive Goals
We set aggressive goals for ourselves and accelerate the path to reaching them.

Increase in the rate of innovation and creative thinking is a necessity for us to keep providint better value to our customers.